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Cortext Dela is a cyperpunk inspired game set in the mid 2040’s. The action starts in the Free City of Macau

The rule system is a mostly-stock version of Fate Core.

Until I’ve got more time to polish it, I’m mostly going to spit out the contents of the game creation worksheet here; This is a collaborative game, so please feel free to use the wiki to expand on whatever you’d like.

Campaign Worksheet


  • Corporate Warfare (current issue)
  • Hidden Epedemic (impending issue)



Other Groups

Rules Tweaks

  • The Skill List is updated, mildly tweaked from Fate Core.
  • Characters will have 3 free stunts, each additional stunt will cost a point of refresh.
  • Characters will have access to Augments, for a Refresh reduction.

Main Page

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